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Academy & Small Groups

Welcome to J. Stewart Tennis Academy!  We are very excited to introduce our new 2015 curriculum, beginning the week of Monday, January 5th, 2015!  Click here to join us and begin the journey!

• JSTA 2015 CurriculumJeri (Home)

Jeri Stewart, JSTA Head Coach, has personally developed our 2015 academy curriculum.  She is USPTA certified, a PTR Professional in adult and junior development, and a High Performance coach with the USTA.  Jeri played for the University of Georgia and earned a bachelors degree in health and physical education.  She maintains a ‘cutting edge’ knowledge of the game of tennis and is currently working on a level #5 internationally recognized masters degree in junior tennis development.  She has been teaching and coaching tennis for over 20 years: her students have been ranked locally, regionally, and nationally (including #1 in the nation), received tennis scholarships at D-1 schools, and even played professionally, representing their country in the Davis Cup tournament.

Jeri Stewart has designed the 2015 curriculum to build the complete player.  Students will be ‘immersed’ in one aspect of the game for a period of time: these focused periods, called ‘schools’, will build off of each other throughout the year.  This summer we are hosting the following ‘school’:

April Academy
Tuesday/Thursday 4:00-6:00 @ Cooper Creek

Academy Levels:

Level 1 (The Foam/Red Ball Team): This group is designed for players aged approximately seven to eight with some exceptions.  This team’s training will serve as a great opportunity to learn and apply the foundations of tennis technique, while still enjoying the game of tennis!  Foam balls and red balls will be used. Please sign up for private lessons or through for a group lesson.

Level 2 (The Orange Ball Group & Green-Dot Ball Group)This group is designed for players aged approximately nine to twelve with some exceptions.  They should be learning to compete in Georgia level four and five tournaments.  The ‘green dot’ ball will be used for players ‘Twelve and Under’, and the ‘orange’ ball will be used for players ‘Ten and Under’ with a 60 foot court.  (Some JSTA Yellow Team ‘Twelve and Under’ players who compete in Georgia level four tournaments may wish to attend this team’s training in order to practice with the ‘green-dot’ balls, as they are used in all ‘Twelve and Under’ level four tournaments). 

Level 3 (The Yellow Ball Academy)This group is designed for players aged approximately twelve to eighteen with some exceptions.  These players should be serious about improving their game to the highest level they can personally reach.  They should have goals of playing college tennis and beyond.  These players are expected to be competing in level four, three, two, and one tournaments (as they are able to get in), and should be working on their State, Southern, and National ranking.

*A note to parents: it is very important to register your child for the proper ‘level’ of each ‘school’.  If a child is placed in a higher level than appropriate, they will miss out on important foundational instruction, designed specifically for their needs.  We will be unable to properly accommodate children too highly placed, which will be counter-productive for their learning experience.  If you are uncertain for which team to register your child, we highly recommend that you seek Jeri’s expert advice:

Jeri Stewart
(706) 587-1107


Academy Registration Policy:

1) To ensure the highest possible quality of instruction, team sizes will be limited to the following:

The Foam/Red Ball Team: 10 students
The Orange/Green-Dot Ball Team: 12 students
The Yellow Ball Team: 16 students

2) Families who fail to register in advance on our website will be charged full price for their child’s attendance of school.

3) Payment for a ‘school’ must be made by the first day of attendance of that school.

4) Absences must be reported at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time in order to receive a credit for the absence.  Report all academy absences by email to  The credit will be administered as an electronic coupon for the value of the missed session minus ten percent for administrative fees.

5) Coupon credits will be given to the customer for the value of all rain cancellations.